Thursday, March 24, 2016

Tristan is Ron Swanson

So there was a blog hop thingy going around a little while ago and I skipped it because I had zero inspiration and also, lately, zero time to write. (I am in a funk where I get home and I collapse onto the couch and stare zombie-like at the TV while eating dinner, then read in bed. None of this is conducive to blogging, though lots of riding is getting done. More than you needed to know. ANYWAY.)

Then Amanda at The $900 Facebook Pony posted that her Henry is April Ludgate and I figured it out!

Tristan is Ron Swanson.

He is the most stoic horse in the barn.

He has a really extraordinary capability for completely zoning out and ignoring everything around him.

Food is his reason for living.

Everything, literally everything, has to be his idea first.

This is his first reaction to literally every question I ever ask him.

He is really independent to the point of almost actively antisocial in the field.

But when he settles in and decides on something, he is ON.

So, yeah. I own the equine version of Ron Swanson.


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