Sunday, March 20, 2016

House Post: Kitchen Renovation Begins!

Our kitchen is actually in terrific shape. It's one of the things that sold us (well, me) on the house. It's spacious, thoughtfully laid out for its space, has tons of cabinet space, and everything in it is quality, from the cabinets to the appliances.

That said: it's still pretty outdated.

Here are the pictures from the real estate ads.

The last is a close up of the wallpaper border. Yeah.

What the kitchen needs, over the long term: new paint, new counters, new floor, new hardware on the cabinets, patching the holes in the ceiling, new curtains over the sink windows, and a new microwave over the oven. Luckily that's all cosmetic, the kitchen is perfectly functional in the meantime, and it can be done in slow, small pieces over the next few years.

So last weekend was the first small step: removing the wallpaper border.



SOOOOO much better already, right?!

It does leave the walls a bit bare, so that's something to slowly figure out - how to put something of visual interest up there that fits our own design sensibilities but doesn't clutter. I have some ideas but nothing that's really landed yet.

In the meantime, I'm also researching new hardware and countertops. We'll probably go granite, and we have some ideas for what type of granite. It's not a next year project, that's for sure - it will probably be the final piece of the design puzzle.

I've also picked out a possible wall color and may do a test patch in the next week.

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  1. That border paper was especially special. Looks so much better!


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