Sunday, March 13, 2016

House Post: Drywall in the Basement

I know that you've all been desperately worried that things are not progressing on the house. Fear not. Still tons of work being done, still tons to do. I don't think I really understood how all-consuming home ownership is.

Last weekend, my parents visited and we did a number of projects around the house. I spent a significant chunk of time helping my dad continue to work on the wall in our basement that separates the garage space from the main basement space. It has to have 5/8" sheetrock on it to help it be fireproof so that it meets code. I guess garages are prime spaces to start fires. It will also have to be air-sealed so that noxious fumes can't get into the rest of the basement.

So the first step was actually to put a vapor barrier on the warm side of the wall - which is what you see here. My dad did this one, thankfully, because I had been sitting on it for weeks and dreading it.

Then we sheetrocked almost all of the other side. Cue lots and lots of measuring, re-measuring, and swearing. My dad insists that a really good drywall guy could've done both sides of the wall in just a few hours, but whatever. It's getting done, and the quote I got from the drywall guy was in the multiple thousands of dollars and way out of the budget.

The Monday after he left, I did those two sheets all! by! myself! Which kind of sucked but was also very validating.

Baby steps, baby steps! Next for that space: get the rest of the insulation in the ceiling, spray foam the gaps around the garage door, and then sheetrock the ceiling. Then buy & install a 90 minute fire door, and caulk along where the floor and walls of the basement meet. THEN I'll think about re-sealing the floor, and maybe by next winter I'll be able to park in my garage!


  1. Wow y'all are doing a great job! I am too scared to tackle drywall.

  2. The first time I brought a boyfriend home, Mom and Dad put him to work taping and mudding drywall. I to this day maintain it was a test. He didn't really pass ;). I mean, he DID it. But with much whining. (IN my family, swearing ok, whining is NOT). And while he DID stay with me a while longer, he lacked the oomph on self and home improvement projects that seems to be needed to fit with my family....

  3. I'm really impressed you're doing all this yourself. Keep up the good work.

  4. We bought some furniture this weekend and I was dead from exhaustion. I bow down to your house renovation prowess.


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