Friday, March 25, 2016

Coggins Forms Online!

O, what a fascinating modern world we live in.

I got this email the evening after Tristan's first round of spring shots.

Here's what the link got me.

My previous Coggins is in there as well, but I have zero memory of having access to it, and had to set up a new account this year, so I think I just got emailed a PDF before.

This is freaking awesome. I always scanned my Coggins certificates so I would have them in the cloud in case I lost or forgot it. We've come a long way from those carbon copies in triplicate!

Does your vet do something like this, or are you still getting handwritten copies?


  1. Our vet last year used the same system for Coggins - love it! Hoping our new vet does the same this year - appt next week.

  2. My vet emails me my Coggins results -- I love it!

  3. Yup - same here for the last two years!

  4. My vet has been using this same system for a few year and yet it has never worked for me for some reason. Every single year I try to log in, can't, figure out how, and my coggins isn't in there anyway. It's really frustrating and I end up getting a pdf emailed to me anyway. I'm glad it's working for you though!

  5. Mine has been doing it for a few years and I love it! Instant and easy access. Makes it very easy to send in copies of coggins with every show entry.

  6. I actually just got my first digital coggins copy yesterday. Honestly I was kind of happy with the yellow paper copy because let's be honest--the drawn horse is more photogenic than my own. ;) Very cool system!

  7. Oooh how convenient! I keep scanned digital files too but this is so much better!


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