Saturday, January 9, 2016

Weekly Blog Roundup

Another Saturday, another collection of cool blog posts from the horse world.

Three inexpensive items that improved my life in 2015 from Wallace Eventing
These are all genius.

1,000th post and contest from Cob Jockey
A really cool photo roundup and a fun contest!

My Thoroughbred's ulcers from Saddle Seeks Horse
This is fascinating, actually - I'd never seen photos so clearly before.

Conditioning Log from Journey to 100 miles
SUCH a gorgeous solution to the problem.

Foxhunting Q&A from Hand Gallop

Barnsitting 101 from The $900 Facebook Pony
I've done my share of barnsitting, and this is a GREAT roundup of advice.

Project Reveal and Contest Announcement from The Maggie Memoirs
Congrats on the new stuff going on - if you have any graphic skills, check this out, there's a sweet prize.

What Makes Me Happy from Bakersfield Dressage
This is a really crucially important thing to think about.


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