Monday, January 18, 2016


A few updates around the blog, mostly recording this for posterity.

- New header! With a few more made & in the wings that will actually correspond to the seasons, as was my intention a long time ago when I designed a header

- I spent about two hours (yes, really) inputting all the horse blogs I read into a widget for the sidebar, which is ordered by most recent update. Final count was over 100, maybe close to 120.

- I combined a few of the pages up top; namely, all the reviews (book, movie, and product) are under one tab.

Going forward, I plan on updating the About page, and adding a page with my favorite posts on it. Maybe something else I think will be useful, but I have no brilliant ideas right now.


  1. I have a hard time keeping my blog list up to date on my own blog. I mostly follow people on feedly and forget to add them to blogger. I've had to do similar maintenance in the past.

  2. Feels nice to doing some cyber housecleaning so to speak :)

  3. LOVE your new header! Jealous of that view ;)


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