Sunday, January 17, 2016

House Post: Wallpaper Removal & Paint in the Downstairs Bathroom

As I mentioned, when we put in the bathroom vent fan downstairs, I took the opportunity to strip the wallpaper.

when the door is open, that's how small this room is.

On the one hand, the wallpaper came off beautifully, with just a light steam & scrape.

On the other hand, so did a few layers of paint underneath that, probably from all the years of too-high moisture in that small space.

Which left the walls looking rather chewed-up - the largest wall, directly opposite the toilet, in particular. So I did a skim coat on it. Probably not very well, but it was demonstrably better.

Then, after Thanksgiving, my mother sanded down my plastering and did the first coat of paint. I followed with the second coat a few days later, and ta-da!

We love the color. It looks sort of like melted raspberry ice cream, and is just the right amount of color-but-not-overwhelming for the space. It's not too pink; it's got more grey tones in it.


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