Saturday, August 8, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Huge roundup this week, I am definitely avoiding neither house renovations nor wedding planning. So there.

Crewing Tevis 2015 from Redheaded Endurance
Tevis Volunteering 2015 from Boots & Saddles
Hands-down my two favorite posts from the week. AMAZING stories about what I think might be the #1 hardest horse accomplishment in North America, if not the world.

3 Biggest Myths about Dressage from Sprinkler Bandit
I actually disagree with all of these, but I love the reasoning and that it made me think!

The Gaggle of Girths from The $900 Facebook Pony
I love this kind of post. Interesting to read.

10 Awesome Things About Jousting at the Ohio State Fair from Wyvern Oaks
I cannot get enough of the jousting Haflinger pictures!

Everyday Fail Blog Hop Roundup from Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management
If you need cheering up and/or a good belly laugh, look through these links.

Full Tack Ho: Lorenzini Stirrups Review from Sprinkler Bandit
I...didn't even spend that much money on Tristan's fancy bridle. They are gorgeous and amazing and this is a cool review, though!

The Shusher from Guinness on Tap
Yeah. Every clinic has one. This is a particularly amazing variety.

Product Review: SmartPak's Piper Breeches from Fly On Over
I have three pairs, and I mostly really like them and keep meaning to review them for myself. This is a good overview.

How the Best Horse Dog Ever Became a Dressage Rider from Incidents of Guidance
OMG, Awesome.

RBTR 2015: The Ride Story from In Omnia Paratus
If I had a riding photo of me on Tristan like Liz got from this ride, I would die happy. Not even joking a little bit.

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  1. haha Austen was way too nice in describing that shusher... she was freakin nuts lol


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