Tuesday, August 4, 2015

We interrupt this horse blog...

Confession time: I have not seen my horse in two weeks.

Have not even petted him on the nose.

Week 1: roads washed out, my commute to the barn tripled, and life got stupid complicated on all fronts leading up to a 24 hour trip to Boston for my bridal shower.

Week 2: the Great Rewiring, during which I spent every evening vacuuming, replacing outlet covers, re-organizing tools, moving furniture, shaking out sheet covers, and planning the next day's work, and was basically too exhausted to move. At the end of that week was my bachelorette party. I got home at 3pm from that, whoo! Then I sat down on the new couch and blacked out and woke up drooling on my fancy new throw pillows 4 hours later. Whoops.

But today! Today! I have hopes for today. Don't let me down, today. I have a new route to the barn, an open evening, a rewired house, and boots & breeches in my car.

I am caught up on my horse blog reading, the puppy is in daycare and does not need to be let out immediately after work, and I am generally starting to feel human again.



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