Friday, August 21, 2015

So Long, Farewell

This morning, I delivered my trailer to its new home.

one last adventure.

I have really mixed feelings, but overall: it was the right decision at the right time.

I finally got through to the fiance last night by comparing it to selling his favorite hockey stick. He looked completely horrified: "I'd feel naked!" Yep.

We did have one last adventure together, the trailer and I: I got mildly lost after failing to follow the very good directions provided - and realized that I had no cell phone service and thus no Google Maps to bail me out. I three-pointed over railroad tracks to turn around, made it under a low bridge by inches, and then got up the right hill to deliver it to the right farm.

best copilot.

I also would like to state for the record that I am really fucking good at hauling that thing. I got it hitched up in less than 2 minutes flat, after my first backup put the ball 2 inches too far to the left.

Second try:

Arya and I stopped for McDonald's on the way home to celebrate, and now she is napping and I am blogging. I have to clean every inch of my house today, and then I am declaring a hiatus on renovations until after the wedding, so hope to get back to actually blogging about my actual horse soon.

co-piloting is hard work.


  1. Sad to see it go but sounds like it was right for you right now .

  2. You are a trailer boss to get hitched up that quickly!

  3. I am getting better at hitching up but 2 min, DAAANG!

  4. It seriously makes my life when I can pull right up to my trailer hitch.

  5. i either hitch up on like the 1st or 2nd try...... or like the 10th or 20th haha. never anywhere in the middle. glad you found a buyer for the trailer!


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