Thursday, August 27, 2015

Raining, Pouring, and Worrying

On Tuesday night, I gave Tristan his first truly thorough grooming in quite a while. I've been limiting myself to a quick brush-off before jumping on for the last few weeks, but that night I really dug in, ran my hand down his legs, and so on.

Because he's prone to tail rubs in the summer, I sometimes pick up his tail and check the underside of the dock. He's had small sores there before (usually what instigates the rubbing) that have required some treatment.

That night, I found this.

It's about the size of a gumball, hard, and not sensitive. I have no idea how long it's been there. Maybe all summer.

I fretted for a moment, and then used the wonder of technology to email my vet and include an image of the lump.

I fussed over him for another 30 minutes or so, rode, and then worked on his feet. By the time I got home, I had an email back from the vet: she wanted to come biopsy it ASAP.


So, while you're reading this post, I'll be at the barn meeting the vet, to biopsy the lump.

It's either an abscess (from afore-mentioned tail-rubbing) or a melanoma. The latter is more likely. The biopsy will tell us what kind it is.



  1. Eek. Fingers crossed it's not too bad. Good reminder for the rest of us the check the hard to reach spots on our ponies.

  2. Really puts a lost shoe into perspective. Hope it's benign.

  3. yikes :( fingers crossed it's nbd

  4. :( Sending good thoughts your way!

  5. don't forget that many tail melanomas aren't all that uncommon in horses, can be treated with cimetidine (yes, the antacid) quite successfully and that many horses (EG SHaughnessy) live with them for YEARS and ultimately die of totally other things. So BREATHE. Also, HUGS and good vibes.

  6. thinking good thoughts for Tris! hang in there.


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