Saturday, August 29, 2015

Blog Post Roundup

Gemmie Update: Turned Out from What Could Possibly Go Wrong
Really interesting injury update photos, with positive news.

Turnout Cards from Equestrian at Hart
Interesting conversation on an eternally tricky and changing topic.

The Dangers of Rocket Fuel Feeding from Guinness on Tap
I've always had or taken care of easy keepers, so this balance is fascinating to me.

OF Starter Trials - Dressage & Stadium from Fraidy Cat Eventing
I do love a solidly written, well-illustrated show recap, and this one is great.

6 Great Things One Traffic Cone Can Do For Your Riding from Trafalgar Square Books
GREAT list of exercises, lots of inventive and common sense things here.

The Tail Tutorial from The $900 Facebook Pony
Lots of good tips here!

Improvements and Advancements from In Omnia Paratus
Thoughtful and good training philosophy.

Work Harder, Get Better from Poor Woman Showing
Yup. In a nutshell.

Catching Up with Che Mr Wiseguy's Clones from Eventing Nation
I don't know why I find the idea of equine clones endlessly fascinating but wow, this is just engrossing.


  1. Thanks for the mention! :) good posts.

  2. thanks for the shoutout! a couple more show recaps coming out this week - hopefully they'll live up to the hype haha


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