Saturday, July 11, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are a few blog posts from the wider world this week.

How an ugly duckling learned to fly: a story from the Spanish Riding School from Trafalgar Square Books
Love, love, love.

How we've changed since we started eventing from The $900 Facebook Pony
Really great thoughts, eloquently expressed.

Let's Be Friends! A Few Tips for Introducing Dogs from Team Unruly
I read this, and then took Arya to the dog park a few days later. It was great information to have in my head. Luckily, Arya is wonderful with other dogs, but it was good to really analyze and see how she interacted appropriately with new dogs, from greeting well to apologizing sensibly when she got a little too puppyish.

Constructive criticism vs. public shaming from Fraidy Cat Eventing
Excellent thoughtful breakdown of the overly-critical equestrian culture on the internet that we've all seen.

A must-have trailer accessory from Equinpilot
If you haul, you should read this, about stabilizing systems. I have one on my trailer and adore it. I wouldn't haul a bumper pull without one.

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