Tuesday, July 21, 2015


I've been in a sort of funny place with my riding. I want to and I don't want to. I crave the feeling I get while riding, but I'm currently exhausted and overbooked, and the idea of getting everything together to go to the barn just to be hot and sweaty and miserable is not appealing, when there's SO much to do at home. So Tris is just sort of hanging out not getting a ton of exercise right now.

It's not like Tris has been neglected; far from. I've gone a few times to pet him on the nose, gather supplies, etc. Other things on the horse front are moving along: I'm washing his winter blankets, and have started showing the trailer. If all goes well, I'll sell it by the end of the week.

Arya's separation anxiety issues have been spiking, too, so it's doubly hard to leave her alone on my days off with her, when she cries and shivers and glues herself to my leg as soon as I start making motions to leave. We may be on the right track to helping her out, but that doesn't make it any easier to see her so miserable.

The house is moving right along. We're in a sort of weird decision crunch right now; the electrician comes on Monday to start rewiring, so I'm picking out ceiling fans, bathroom fans, and trying to line up other things to get done next week so that we're in the right place for rewiring.

We're finally painting in the master bedroom, too, and I am happy with the test color. One more wall to prep & sand, then prime, and some detail work for the priming to do, and then we will finish with a first coat around the room.

In short: not terribly exciting. I have things I want to blog about and ask, but 99% of my at-home internet time lately has been taken up by endless trawling through home improvement blogs to think about what rating ceiling fan I really need, what the Vermont code is for fire walls, and the relative R-values of insulation. Whew.


  1. Relieved I'm not the only one in this funny place. I think the excitment of spring/early summer is over and that's affecting me. Plus we've had a ton of rain and I've just gotten used to not being able to ride.

    As for Arya - would a thundershirt help?

    1. Midsummer slump, I guess? I wish I were one of those people who always pushed through and got the ride in. I used to be. Now, I just let myself do what feels comfortable more often.

      I've gone back and forth on a thundershirt. It definitely might help. Right now, what's working is a calming treat, a high-value wet food in a kong, and simplifying my morning routine so she has less time to fret. We had her in a really good place before moving, but the new house threw her off and it's been getting worse instead of better until we started on the new routine. We may still get there!

  2. you definitely have a lot on your plate right now! i have no doubt that Tristan is doing just fine in your absence - and in the meantime good luck picking out all the perfect details for your house!


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