Thursday, July 16, 2015

It's too nice outside, I can't dressage

Tristan's dressage-ing has been going really well. That's the good news.

The bad news? It's too gorgeous to stay in a ring. I just can't. I keep driving to the barn with careful plans and thoughts and blah blah...then I pull up and I cannot stay inside.

So last night I stopped back by my car to grab a granola bar so I would not sugar crash after a long day at work...

Good patient pony, if confused.

...and then attempted to take my first horse selfie ever with horse (and like my third selfie ever and all the others were to do things like show off my new helmet or show my mother my new glasses).

Tristan: wtf. Me: ...I have no idea what I'm doing.

Yeah, not so much. The light was just so gorgeous though.

Then we walked around the field.

And I still couldn't make myself go inside.

So we walked down the road.

And down the road some more.

And I know you will all appreciate when I say that I deserve a goddamn gold medal for not galloping up this hill every single time I'm at the bottom of it. Siiiiiiigh.


  1. I have definitely had those days. Looks like a good choice.

    And I have no idea how you managed not to gallop that.

  2. aww i love that selfie!! looks like a great ride :)

  3. This is every day of my life, except when it's 100 degrees outside and the shady indoor sounds nice. ;)


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