Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hand Gallop Blog Hop: Every Day Tack Setup

I am a creature of habit, and prefer to have minimal changes to my routine. It's a big deal when I even swap bits. I honestly can't remember the last time I bought a new saddle pad - 3 years? 4?

Nor do I really know/remember what type of bridle and saddle I ride in? I know the brand, but not the exact model. #sorrynotsorry.


Everyday dressage outfit.

Albion dressage saddle. I don't know which one. I bought it used at Pelham Saddlery about 5 years ago. I adore it. It fits me, it fits him, it is comfy and puts me in the right place. It has a small tear on the seat that was well-repaired. I paid $1,200 for it. Bargain. On the saddle itself: basic leathers, basic fillis irons.

Roma fleece half-pad. My most recent purchase, actually, to help cushion his ever-changing back.

Basic dressage saddle pad. I own 3; the one on him in this photo is the only one I bought new. The other was a $5 used tack store find, the other was a hand-me-down that I got the same year I got Tristan. Go ahead, cringe away.

Smartpak dressage girth. This one, the basic one. It's been a workhorse for as long as I've owned the saddle.

Stubben dressage bridle; padded, straightforward noseband. It has a flash attachment, but I don't really use the flash. (I have in the past, but not right now.) I like it. I bought it on sale at Equine Affaire years ago, for around $150, which was something like 75% off. It is not buttery soft but it is solid and quality. It has tooth marks on the noseband from an asshole barn dog four barns ago. Sigh. In the bit: loose ring French link with lozenge.

Not a great picture, sorry, but jumping attire.

Things that are the same: saddle pads, leathers, irons.

Passier PS Baum all purpose saddle. My baby. My first and only saddle for years. Bought for $300 from a barnmate, 30 years old when I bought it. Total workhorse. Hard as a rock. No knee or thigh roll to speak off. Slippery. Totally out of style. I adore it.

Basic girth. Dunno what type, but it's nylon-y and elastic on one side. Basic fleece girth cover, because I am picky about fleece on girths and it classes up the cheapo girth a little.

Dover Circuit Figure 8 Bridle. On clearance, $60. Yep. I really like it, actually, except it's a little small for Tristan's face so the figure 8 straps are always on their top holes.

Dover galloping boots. He only wears these for XC, because if he rubs a rail I want it to sting. I am a bad mom.

Dover bell boots. Ditto the above.


  1. Oh man, those ancient Passier Baum saddles are SO COOL. Seriously! We have one or two floating around at work and I like to pull them out and sit on them. They're on my list to take on trial; I love how minimal they are.

  2. omg yess i am also such a creature of habit and would happily use the same setup for ever and ever. (this may explain why i have a hard time with the idea of separate bridles for showing and schooling lol)

  3. Hey if you love it and I isn't broken, no need to change!!


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