Friday, August 1, 2014

From the Department of Weird Dreams

I remember most of my dreams, and I dream a lot. Last night's was a doozy.

It started as I was packing to drive to help Hannah ride at Tevis. She called and told me to bring Tristan, too - it would be fun to get the boys out together again!

I thought that sounded like a great idea, so I hitched up the trailer and brought him. On the way, I decided that if he seemed like he wasn't up to it, I could just ride the first 12 mile loop.

(Please note, I have no idea whether or not Tevis has a 12 mile loop. I rather doubt it. I also doubt that my horse, much as I love him, could handle even 12 miles of the Tevis trail.)

We arrived and as we prepped to start the race I decided that the trail was too rocky for Tristan, and I hadn't brought any boots, so I scratched him.

I did, however, decide to hike the trail instead. There were a bunch of people doing this, in a sort of shadow of the Western States Endurance Run.

(Note the second, it is even less likely that I could run 12 miles than that my horse could. As in, I'm not even sure I could move my body in an approximation of a jog for one mile.)

We then started out on a trail that was like some bizarre dreamworld. At one point, we jogged through a mall's parking garage. Then we exited that to slide down an icy, snowy hill onto a river that was barely frozen over. Several people broke through the ice and were swept over the waterfall. (Yes. Really.)

Soon after that we crossed a desert, complete with cactii and camels. More people dropped out here, but fortunately I had some sort of bizarre apparatus rigged up and had enough water.

After the desert, I arrived at a check-in point and decided I'd run enough of it, and would grab my truck and meet Hannah at the next hold.

My brain is a frightening place sometimes.


  1. Wow! I dream a lot, but rarely remember what happened in my dreams.... lucky you! Sort of... o.O

    1. Sometimes lucky, sometimes I wake up mad at the fiance which drives him nuts...

  2. Tevis is highly infectious. Grats on completing your, uh, Tevis half-marathon? ;)

    1. The funny thing is I've never had the slightest ambition to ride it myself! And I am soooooo not a runner. I'd totally bike 12 miles or even more but running and my body, they do not mix.

      Congratulations accepted nonetheless. :P

  3. I guess this is what happens when you "hang out" with so many endurance riders. Even if the "hanging out" is mostly occurring in the virtual world of the Blogosphere. ;)

    I (sadly?) tend to have dreams very much like this.


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