Thursday, July 31, 2014

Forward, Forward, Forward

Short dressage school last night; started out not great and progressed to decent, which I'll take.

Upping the Pentosan frequency was the right decision; he was much more laterally supple than this time last week, and the hopping in the trot into canter was virtually gone.

Only about 35 minutes: 15 minute walk warmup with leg yields & shoulder-in, then 15 minutes of trot/canter work. The idea was to get him forward and through and the trot had some nice moments. The canter never really got unstuck but it is still lightyears better than before the training rides, so I'll take it.

I was hanging on to his face waaaaaay too much, and had to keep reminding myself to release. I was sad and frustrated at how much better he went when I sank deeper into my seat & stirrups and stopped flapping my legs around. I need my own fitness back to help him go better.

Today's plan was to hack around the fields, but they are predicting severe thunderstorms complete with hail, etc. Many places are canceling outside activities starting at noon. We'll see what it looks like, but tonight might be a quiet one at home. I'm setting a new rule about not schooling in the indoor two days in a row; it's too nice outside and he gets too sour too quickly.

Vet scheduled for next Wednesday. Not sure how I'm going to pay for it yet - but I'll figure something out.

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