Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday, Sunday

My original plan for this Sunday was to spend it at home, catching up on chores and such that I haven't done in...well, six weeks at the very least. Ugh.

But the barn asked me on Friday night if I could help out at the show on Sunday, and I am constitutionally incapable of saying no. So while I did get to sleep in and do a few things this morning (tried out a new waffle recipe!) off to the barn I went.

First things first, I did another White Lightning soak of Tristan's hinds.

Then I headed up the hill to get started on scribing. It was a gorgeous day today, if cold. Fall is here with a vengeance - look over the truck on the left-hand side of the picture and you'll see an early tree turning scarlet. 2-3 weeks and this hill will look like it's on fire.

Then I settled in to scribe about an hour and a half worth of tests, including Fourth 1. It's been a long time since I scribed above Second Level, holy mackerel they go fast.

Our dressage ring is gorgeous but believe it or not I've never worked up the courage to ask about the rules for riding in it. Which I realize is stupid but it is so fancy and I have an indoor and another perfectly lovely outdoor to ride in plus all the dirt roads and the fields,'s not for lack of space!

Last but not least I scribed a western dressage test. I am not sure I "got it." I kept reading the judging comments and...I dunno. Maybe I'm a snob. The pair that rode this test were rather nice - the horse was a Fell stallion with a really pleasant look - but not what my eye would call First Level.

Then I headed back down to the barn and applied Durasole liberally to Tristan's back feet. I can always tell when it's started to catch and improve his feet as less and less of it will soak in. There are a couple of spots where it's made a huge difference already, and a few spots where I'd like to see a tougher, thicker hoof.


  1. I always wondered why dressage tests have so much pointless trotting around. Then I scribed a couple and understood!

    Your barn is in such a beautiful area. :)

    1. I once scribed a morning of Intro and Training dressage tests in the big ring. Sooooooooooo much trotting around. I almost dozed off at one point.

      Most of Vermont is pretty but I did get especially lucky. :)

  2. The western Dressage thing is deeply mysterious to me.

    That is all.

    1. Right?! Isn't reining western dressage? I just don't get it. I can't even say whether the test I saw was good or bad - I just don't know!


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