Saturday, September 28, 2013


So Thursday night I got to the barn for Tristan's massage, and the barn manager intercepted me and said that since Tristan came in, he'd been blowing up with hives. Got to his stall and yep, wow, hives everywhere - face, legs, belly, flank, you name it. Bad spots were masses of lumps; even the good spots had big lumps at 2-3 inch intervals. What the HELL. Nothing in his life changed at all - no idea what was triggering it.

That night we gave him 2ccs of dex, and the hives came down by the evening and were fading away through Friday, when he got a fly sheet for turnout. Today, got the call that he is blowing up with them again after coming in from turnout. 2ccs of dex again, and tomorrow he'll go out in a dry lot -  hopefully he's just rolling in something?

Tomorrow he'll get a full bath with some good shampoo, and hopefully we can break the cycle?

ENOUGH, already.

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