Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Same old, same old

Not much new to report. Tris is in full work and slowly adding building blocks. Last ride we had a lovely bit of trot, coming up through his withers and forward and steady in contact. I also made the tiniest of breakthroughs in the canter, and if nothing else all the cantering about asking him to please for the love of God soften a bit is upping his fitness level.

Trainer leaves for Florida in 3 weeks so I am all of a sudden cramming to get a few more lessons in. Winter lessons will be a bit easier as there are several other very good trainers at the barn but I want to take advantage of R. while I've got her and get some more things to work on through the winter.

We did a long hack with a possible new barn buddy over the weekend, and Tris was clearly happy to be out with another horse and yet utterly chill in the face of the other horse's carrying on. Love him.

Winter is coming: his summer coat shedding is slowing down and poof, I can almost sink my hand into his fuzz. I washed the cooler and it'll be back in rotation for those days it's just a bit too hot to evaporate heat quickly yet too cold to just toss him back in a stall. Luckily he's never been a horse to run hot - I've never had to clip him over the winter, even in full work. I'd like to stick to that if possible. It has been below freezing several times overnight, especially at the barn (higher elevation than my house) and it snowed atop Mount Mansfield, the highest peak in the state.

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