Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Product Review: Sore No More Gelotion

Product Review: Sore No More Gelotion

This is not exactly a ground-breaking review, but I am committed to talking about things that I use regularly and love, and the Sore No More Gelotion is absolutely tops on that list. I keep a bottle in my grooming kit at all times. For that matter, when a bottle starts to run low it comes home with me for personal use - and Tris gets a new full bottle.

If you somehow haven't heard of this stuff, it's liniment, meant for easing mild soreness and inflammation. It won't erase the pain of a broken leg or un-bow a tendon, but wow, will it significantly improve everyday strain and stress from work.

I've used many liniments before. For a brief time I boarded at a barn with a wash stall with a communal jug of Absorbine. Tris got a liniment wash after work every day and we both smelled fresh and delightful all the time. I've had bottles of other stuff from time to time. This is the one that I keep coming back to.

Why do I prefer it? A couple of major reasons. First, it's a gel, which I think is crucial for any liniment. Liquid ones are great for adding to buckets for a wash, or maybe for a back, but for legs you are just asking for frustration if you want to apply a liquid. It goes everywhere but where it needs to.

Second, you can apply it under wraps. It won't burn or blister. I lover being able to really rub it in and then wrap ice over the leg, or a standing wrap.

Third, it smells AMAZING. The first few times I put it on, Tris tried to lick it off. He always sniffs at his legs the whole time I apply it.

Fourth, it's herbal-based, which is important to me because I have lived in Vermont for many years and am part-hippie at this point. No, seriously, though, when I have the choice I err on the side of herbal stuff, especially when it works so well. I always keep arnica around for myself and I love that it's the main anti-inflammatory component in this.

Cons? It's expensive, more so than regular liniments, and it can leave a bit of scurf if you apply a lot of it. Nothing you can't brush off once it dries, but it's not 100% clean.

I usually apply generously, by drizzling down and then rubbing it in against the hair so it has contact with the skin, until the whole area is saturated. I find it most useful on legs but I've also rubbed it into back and haunches after a hard XC school.


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