Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Days

Yesterday. I began my morning seeing old friends and watching XC at GMHA, the perfect start to a crisp fall day.

Then I had lunch and picked up a new bulk bag of flour at King Arthur Flour, one of my favorite places on earth.

Then I headed back up to the barn for a lovely long hack that finished with a long gallop up the hayfield that almost turned a bit too exciting - I asked for the canter to start us off and Tris rocked back and took off. Our first few strides were just barely in control.

Today is a chill early fall day. And we schooled hard. I kept him going hard and kept asking more until he was leaden-limbed and then let him stretch and slow. I tossed a cooler on him and set up another White Lightning soak for his back feet. They are doing way better still but I had another bottle, and I want to be absolutely sure.

Possibly tomorrow off - if I do ride, it'll be light and easy.

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