Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One shoe down...

This morning, after much waiting and gnashing of teeth, I met the farrier to glue on Tristan's fancy new shoes.

I tranq'd him, and it took forever for it to kick in, because we moved him to a different barn and he was very snorty and fussy.

Then the farrier pulled of the duct tape booties and showed me the trim he did over the weekend. Tris stood great for the trim and for a CleanTrax treatment over the weekend, and his foot looks WAY better.

The farrier used a dremel to really, thoroughly clean out Tris's foot, getting the last of the dead sole carved out.

He also did some regular clean up trimming.

Then he started to glue on Tristan's left front shoe.

It took a long time set because it was so cold outside it was actually snowing, and even through the tranq he started fussing because he was so sick of holding his leg up - his shoulder was trembling for the last minute.

Then when we looked at his right front we saw that the small bleeding that had started in his scar tissue was still going. The vet who was there looking at other horses took a look, and we jointly decided to hold off puttin the right shoe on for a few days to heal and toughen up the scar tissue. So he will get a formalin/iodine mixture painted on the tissue for three days, twice a day, and hopefully by Wednesday it will be ok to take the shoe.

So I just have to be patient for a few more days...

Tris was still drunk when I left, leaning against his wall and napping pathetically.

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  1. 50% there! Hope that foot heals and you can get the new shoe on soon :)


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