Tuesday, May 14, 2013

King Oak, Day 2

The second day of fence judging started out overcast and cold as we drove into Northampton for breakfast. Because we'd done the briefing the day before - and innumerable times before that - we cleared it with the coordinators to join them in time to pick up our assignment and head out.

Breakfast was excellent and we arrived back on the farm to find that we had an excellent Prelin fence: two offset, slightly narrow houses, not huge, but a good rhythm and straightness question.

One rider on a greener horse glanced off the B element, and a few others scrambled over the first, but overall it rode well.

We then relocated for SIX Novice divisions. Whew. We were at the second fence, a fairly straightforward roll top. Several horses veered off or refused: inexperienced horses who weren't locked in on course yet. Most jumped it just fine.

Everything finished up on time and with no major incidents - almost boring! In te best possible way.

I was home by 8pm for long desired shower and Game of Thrones. Good end to a good birthday weekend!

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