Friday, May 3, 2013


First things first: this website is the devil.

I've picked out my dream house. Come visit me if you want.

It's in "pristine" condition, with 10 bedrooms, a professional kitchen, around 50 acres of preserved park.  It's a short drive from the French city of my heart, Poitiers, where I lived and rode for a year. Here's the best part:
An elegant, 19th century stable block stands approx. 200 m (219 yards) away from the chateau. The 2-bedroomed caretakers’ cottage, adjacent to the property entrance, is in a very good state of repair.

Which castle/manor house on that website would you move into?


  1. Hey! It's not quite $4million USD. Not bad, actually. A great business investment if you can get zoning/business license for an inn. Live in the caretaker's cottage, and the 10 rooms become INCOME, BAYBEE! PLus you can run a riding program in the forest. BRILLIANT! (and Tris would like France, he sez).


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