Thursday, May 2, 2013


The vet sent me an invoice for Monday's appointment and I realized that for the first time in a very long time, I don't have another appointment to look toward. This is it. It's not going to be normal to see her every two or three weeks.

I'll probably still see her around on a regular basis, but it won't quite be the same.

It's funny how you get into patterns like that and what was once normal now seems weird and uncomfortable.


  1. Huh, indeed! He doesn't need any more rechecks at all unless something goes wrong? You just watch the foot grow out from here?

  2. Yup! Even more freaky: as soon as he gets the shoe on, no more wrapping. I will flush the hole out regularly and keep an eye on it, but at this point it is basically a thick scab that needs to keep growing, and since it is off the ground it's not like it will get knocked off.

  3. I'd say that is a good thing! ;)


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