Wednesday, March 20, 2013


So much better. Soooooooo much better. Thank God. Back to his normal self, well-behaved and patient. I was dreading tonight, making plans to beg the vet for drugs or the boyfriend for carrot-feeding duty. But Tris stood like a champ, fussed a little bit at the very, very end but only then and only for a few seconds. BEST pony.

In happy news, too, when I called the clinic to talk about the photos I sent them (they are still pleased) they gave me the go-ahead to do a little bit of handwalking as long as he stays comfortable. So tonight we did three! whole! laps! of the indoor! He was soooooo happy, moving right out and looking at everything.

When we left the indoor to head back to our stall he paused for a long moment and looked hopefully at the door to go outside. Poor guy. On Monday we'll be halfway to the low end of his estimate, though, and I he tolerates handwalking well then maybe the Monday after that he can go on short turnout - especially if we can wrap less and put on the smaller boot.

In my continuing attempts to document everything: here, have some random pictures of our wrapping supplies.

Bucket o'stuff: 5 gallon bucket filled with vet wrap, gauze rolls, and underneath some miscellaneous extras. Mostly what you see on top, though, all the way down.

Typical supplies for a night's wrapping. Starting with the  knockoff Betadine and going clockwise: betadine, gauze roll, vet wrap, betadine swab, baggie of gloves, two pairs of bandage scissors, and a roll of elastikon.

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