Sunday, March 31, 2013


So much for my well-behaved pony - it really was too good to be true. Last night I thought I'd do some handwalking outside, maybe incorporate some hills. Tris started off great, and then threw a bucking fit for the remainder of the walk back to the barn, when he wasn't jigging.

Tonight, we went up to 15 minutes of handwalking, and he only had one short fit, but when I turned him loose in the indoor he rolled and rolled (flipped over 7 times!) and then came up bucking like a lunatic. He circled the ring bucking and cantering and came to a sliding stop in front of he when I called him over.

Flushing and soaking tonight was not the easiest - I mistimed it and the other horses got dinner while we were soaking. He did not approve, and took a few steps back toward his stall out of his boot.

The tissue is starting to grow in hoof-colored, which I am assuming is keritanizing, so that's good. The worrying part is that there is an area just to the left of the hole that looks and feels mushy - with what looked like a small hole - and I am wondering and worrying if perhaps it was an abscess that has burst with the soaking. It might mean there is still internal infection. I've sent off another email to the clinic. We'll see.

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