Sunday, October 2, 2016

House Project: Boring But Necessary

I feel like 75% of the stuff I do around the house falls into this category. Yawn, I dragged all the branches from the yard to the burn pile. Yawn, I ran all the refrigerator shelves through the dishwasher. And so on.

This one definitely falls into that category.

It's part of the neverending garage project. See, around the framing of the garage door itself there were a lot of gaps. The largest of these was above the door. I did some investigating and found that at some point the previous owners had shoved old curtains into that gap.

Let us never again discuss the disgustingness of 40+ year old curtains that had then been shoved into a random crevice in a basement and left for another 20 years. BLERGH. I half-wish I had taken pictures of them so you could've seen the rotted, dusty, dead bug awfulness.

Once I removed the curtains, I could see daylight through some pretty good cracks where they...I don't know, hadn't framed the door right? Maybe the house settled funny? Who even knows. This house is such a weird mishmash of exceptionally well done upgrades and total amateur hour bullshit.

Anyway, this was a pretty short and sweet project once I finally got off my ass to do it. I used this stuff; it was $5 a can at the local lumber yard.

There was a little bit of a learning curve in getting it aimed, seeing how it would stick, and seeing how much it expanded, but honestly - within 20 minutes I had that gap perfectly filled and airtight.

Easy peasy!

Last winter, when you walked by the garage door you could feel a bitter chill coming in from these gaps. The one last piece of the total puzzle is a new rubber sealing thingamabob for the bottom of the door. I bought that a while ago and just have to put it on - that will be another good short project in coming weeks.

So, here's to no more icy drafts in that corner of the basement!

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