Monday, October 3, 2016

2pointober 2016!

Last year, I failed spectacularly and did not make it through the finish flags. This year, I have renewed determination and also like 15 extra pounds that I want to get rid of, so BRING IT ON.

I did my baseline last night on a particularly spunky Tristan who only needed minor beating to stay in the trot for the length of it, so, drumroll:

47 seconds!

Yeah, it's pathetic, but it's mine all mine.

So: give me your best two point training tips.

Do you work on it every day? Or only a few times a week?

Do you work on it in the walk? trot? canter? a mix of all three?

Do you start off with it right away, while you have energy? after you've both warmed up, so you're limber? 

Do you push yourself until your legs are wobbly? or do you take a more measured, interval-style training approach?


  1. I start right off with it when I still have energy and 2-point at all gaits until I feel like I'm going to die. I do this once or twice a week. Walking afterwards is difficult.

  2. Work on it right away, all the time, chipping away at improvement. The walk is the most difficult gait to 2pt at.

  3. I tried to 2pt every other day last year when I did it and slowly improved. My legs seemed super toned at the end of October last year haha

  4. Ha yasss!!! You're already well positioned for most improved ;)


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