Sunday, October 16, 2016

House Post: Moar Plaster; or, Horse Girls Get Shit Done

My office renovation continues to crawl along.

I swear there is not a single square foot of this damn room that does not need plaster.

Including every corner. Every single one. Everywhere a wall meets a wall. Everywhere a wall meets a ceiling. Gaps. Crumbling plaster. Awfulness.

I've done corners in other rooms. I hate it. It's a pain in the ass wedging the plaster in there using the spatula. So I was casting around for a different idea.

And I had a brilliant one.

Let me count the ways in which having a horse has made me more competent and creative. So many ways. This is definitely one of them.

I stopped by Tractor Supply and picked up a 60cc syringe with catheter tip. I filled it with plaster.


Instead of hours carefully wedging plaster into those gaps, with the attendant endless sanding that would've been required, I squirted in a line of plaster and then followed up with my corner trowel.

Now, there is still endless sanding, but way WAY less. And instead of getting frustrated and quitting halfway through like the toddler I often mentally am, I did every corner. Every one.

I'm now halfway through sanding them, and it's not even that bad, as sanding goes.

Hopefully soon - maybe next week - I'll have some overall project photos to share that include paint color!


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