Saturday, July 8, 2017

Weekly Blog Roundup

Earning my whites: final thoughts on Fair Hill from PONY'TUDE
I love this. There's something about horse-related accomplishments that can either destroy or completely cement self-esteem, and this is a good example of the latter, thankfully!

Collected trot through transitions from A Enter Spooking
This is close on the heels of last week's superb walkthrough of the collected canter. I found this just as useful, given my transition challenges right now!

Muckleratz from A Collection of Madcap Escapades
Not only is this the best name for an endurance ride ever, it's a great insight into the work that good photographers do - and has many examples of said gorgeous photographer!

An Ode To The Frankenbridle (And A Blogger Thank You) from Guinness on Tap
I do 95% of my rides in one dressage bridle that Tristan has worn for 10 years now with no changes, so I found this post amazing. (In a good way! I should make sure to add.)

A Mexican Wedding Parade from The Collie Farm Blog
You guys I did my wedding ALL WRONG.

So-called Rescues and their Constant Plea for “Bail” from Equine Ink
I have...many deeply conflicting thoughts about horse rescue. This is a good point of view on some of the sketchier aspects of it.

Mule Racing from DIY Horse Ownership
If this post doesn't fill you with glee, then I don't even know what to link you to.

How to Build an Equestrian Capsule Wardrobe from If the Saddle Fits the idea of this post, a LOT. I might structure a similar post of my own. I think it mostly made me realize that I am a) cheap b) broke and c) soooooooooo not stylish.

How People Get to Whatever, 2017 Midyear Report from Whatever
This is emphatically not about horses! But it's a really cool and thoughtful post about blogging - who you're reaching, how, and some general musing on the state of blogging.

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