Sunday, July 16, 2017

House Post: Willpower Breakdown

I haven't really been sleeping, and next week it's projected to get into the 80s, maybe even low 90s. Stop laughing; that's about as hot ad we get here!

So at some point while I was making a supply run for Tristan, I broke down.

Both house animals are very pleased right now.

Side note: I had no idea how complicated and anxiety-inducing installing an air conditioner is. All those dire warnings about breaking your window and what happens if it doesn't drain properly!


  1. Always a relief to have a working ac! Mine just got replaced, it was only working when it was cooler out...but it's 100 degrees in the daytime! Phew, no fun. It's tough to get anything done when it's hot and humid.

  2. We had a window unit the summer we bought the house before the HVAC went in, so one room was cool enough for sleeping/pets. And ours did tip inward one day when of course we were on a business trip and I got a call that water was dripping down one of the bay windows from the inside to the outside! But I will say it was the best sleep I've ever gotten, being able to set one room to 60 degrees if I wanted, lol.

  3. Window AC units are such lifesavers, even with all the frustration and swearing they cause during installation!

  4. I hear ya...I don't have AC..just sweating it out lol

  5. Life changing. We couldn't last in MA without one!


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