Thursday, May 11, 2017

2017 Goals: April Recap

Oh, boy. I don't want to write this post, but here we go.

Previously, I set horse goals and life goals.

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So, how was April?

Horse Goals - original post here

1. Put hands on my horse 5x a week - suck. suckaroo. Accomplished for the first two weeks; then I was away for a week; then I was recovering from being away for a week. I guess, when I was on top of this it was really good because we got some great things done in the two weeks I did ride.

2. Be less perfunctory - Not really, especially in the sense that my impulse control across the board sucked except in regards to food & exercise.

3. Aim toward dressage schooling shows - Now looks like I can't do the September show either which means all shows are most likely off the plate for the summer and I want to hit things.

4. Take more lessons - Okay, I did actually do this and it was a great lesson. I haven't yet scheduled May but it will likely be soon.

5. Horse-specific income stream / funding emergency fund - well.

I don't want to put the numbers in this answer as I have been doing because it will make me nauseated. Short version: I made a handful of dumb choices combined with the truck's transmission blowing out while I was using it to haul for work and now I am in credit card debt instead of advancing on my savings goals, and those savings accounts are basically now down to zero or at least way too low and god damn everything.

In terms of the income stream, because of money fallout I've accelerated this planning and will probably post soon.

6. Do more thoughtful work - hahahahahaha

7. Get more media - I don't know, I took a bunch of pictures of my horse standing around? does that count?

Life Goals - original post here

1. Pay off car - still on track, so there's that at least

2. Read 75 books - 35/75

The Path Between the Seas by David McCullough
Black Panther by Ta-Nehisi Coates
A Million Worlds With You by Claudia Gray
Horse-Drawn Yogurt: Stories from Total Loss Farm by Peter Gould
My Year of the Racehorse by Kevin Chong
The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley
Weighing Shadows by Lisa Goldstein
Dragon Heart by Cecelia Holland
Blackout by Connie Willis
All Clear by Connie Willis

3. Revive history blogs - lololololol nope.

4. Do better about food - This is literally the only bright spot in this entire list. I crushed it in April. Between using a new app to track what I'm eating (not denying myself food, just using it as a journal to remind myself to make better choices) and focusing on exercising, I've lost 13 lbs in the last 6 weeks. More importantly, I have more energy and feel better overall. So there's that at least.

5. Decorate the house - I haven't done anything with the house except scrape at wallpaper with my fingernails sometimes in an attempt not to feel like a complete fucking failure as a human being


  1. I need to follow in your steps for the eating better thing. I'm ready to shed some weight!

    1. I'm pleasantly surprised and reassured that my metabolism has not changed as much as I was afraid it had; I just needed to stop eating dessert after every meal (and exercise more). I'm not saying it's like that for everyone but at least half of the good news about this process has been figuring out my own body. Good luck!

  2. I want to know more about this app. I need to lose some pounds! My breeches are too tight. I think you accomplished quite a bit. I'm very impressed by your reading list.

    1. So the tracking app I'm using is called "Lose It." I'm also doing Couch to 5k 3-5 times a week, a 200 situps program MWF, and a few other bodyweight exercise apps every day - for legs, butt, and arms. Overall the routine takes me from 15 - 45 minutes a day, depending on how much of it I do. Plus riding, of course!

  3. Yay on the health front! I hope the money stuff has a brighter road ahead!

    1. Thanks! I know it's only a temporary setback, but damn, it stings.


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