Sunday, February 26, 2017

House Post: Man Cave Progress!


Previously, we were plastering and sanding forever, and I skimcoated one wall.

My in-laws came to visit again last weekend, and huge progress was made!

So here's the before:

It looked like that for a couple of weeks, as we added & sanded layers of plaster in an agonizingly slow process.

Then: primer!


Not only paint, but TRIM!

Then we cleaned up all the random extra things in the space. It was glorious. The room is now mostly empty, mostly clean, and alllllmost done!

- paint the trim
- flooring (carpet + some tile around the door)
- one last light by the door (you can see it above M's head in the last picture)
- covers for the recessed lights
- furniture!
- longer-term: build a (dry) bar in the corner where the green wall meets the blue wall (summer)
- longer-term: work in crawlspace underneath, to include insulating the floor joists (summer)

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