Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Fall 2015 Cushings Update

So, continuing on in our Cushings journey.

Previously: Tristan's fall 2014 ACTH levels were back within normal range, and he had a good spring and summer.

My horse is sad because jump standards are not part of his diet.

Tris has not had a ton of work in these past weeks; every time I think my work schedule is about to even out, it ramps up again. The house has been taking the lion's share of my mental and physical energy. I'm getting him worked maybe 3x a week in light work. So his physical condition from exercise is not terrific.

Overall, though, he's in great shape as we head into the winter. Last week, on November 4, he got an updated flu/rhino vaccine, an overall physical, and his vet pulled blood to run another ACTH level so we could make sure we were on track.

She was pleased with his overall condition and demeanor, and reported that he tolerated her kissing his nose several times. Good pony. <3

Last night, we got his ACTH levels back: 33.7 pg/mL, which falls within the normal range of 9-35. It's a smidge on the high normal side, but the vet was not concerned, and it's definitely still within a safe range.

So: good boy, Tris!

For reference and future blog posts: he is down to 1/4 quart of Blue Seal's Carb Guard AM + PM, still on what grass is left, and 3-4 flakes of hay. He also gets a ration balancing vitamin & mineral supplement and a hoof supplement. He is maintaining a healthy weight just fine on that. He's started his blanket rotation for the season - depending on overnight temps, he's in either a stable sheet, turnout sheet, or slightly thicker honeycomb sheet. He seems more comfortable with the temperature swings this year, knock wood.

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  1. sounds like your mgmt system is working well for him!


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