Saturday, June 27, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

A few blog posts from the weekly roundup.

GoFundMe for Lauren from Fly On Over
I'm sure if you're reading horse blogs you've heard about Lauren's unimaginable heartbreak. I read her post just after it was published, while I was having breakfast with my maid of honor, about to meet my bridesmaids to pick out their dresses. Life is so odd, the way these things are juxtaposed and jumbled up.

Please consider visiting Tracy's page to help support Lauren.

It's official, Skeeter's Mine from Wilson's Wild Ones
Hooray for mustangs finding their forever homes. :) If you didn't know anything about the BLM adoption process, this is a good read.

So What Happens at a Paso Fino Show? from Tucker the Wunderkind
Totally different world than the one I'm used to - photos, explanations, utterly fascinating.

Question to Readers: Falling from Viva Carlos
Having recently fallen off myself, this was interesting to read. Make sure you check out the comments.

Yosemite Part 2 from DIY Horse Ownership
Uggghhhhhhh the jealousy, it burns. Go read this, and then read all the others in the series. Gorgeous photos, the trip of a lifetime.

25 things to know before your first 25 mile LD ride from Boots and Saddles
I've never ridden a 25 mile LD, but I've crewed and staffed my fair share, and these are great suggestions, many of them not obvious.

700 Posts from All In
Fun contest - definitely check it out!


  1. I love these... you should be a cliff notes on all blogs haha!! jk :)

  2. love the '25 things to know' list!


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