Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Cob Jockey's Blog Hop: Temperature, Pulse, and Respiration

A day late and a dollar short, as they say, but I've been writing "Tristan - TPR" on my to do list every day for the last two weeks, and last night at 9pm after book club finally got the last check I needed to take an average.

SO. Here's Cob Jockey's original post announcing the blog hop and the rules.

Tristan's TPR was a little bit of all over the place, but the averages ended up being:

Temperature: 99.5
Pulse: 30
Respiration: 15

Broken out by day, that was:

Day 1: T 99.4, P 28, R 16
Day 2: T 99.5, P 30, R 14
Day 3: T 99.4, P 32, R 14
Day 4: T 99.8, P 30, R 16
Day 5: T 99.5, P 32, R 16

So there we go! I'm glad to have that on hand again.

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  1. i missed the boat too haha - but definitely good to have on hand!


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