Saturday, June 13, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Here are some interesting posts from the horse blogging world this past week.

Tips on Teaching from Hand Gallop
I am the worst riding instructor for people I know. I'm not allowed to teach my fiance anymore, on the rare occasions on which he will sit on a horse. I do better with little kids. These are good tips to keep in mind.

DIY Fun Breeches from The Owls Approve
AMAZING. How much fun is that?! Clever, thrifty, and oh so cool.

DIY How to Make a Rope Halter from DIY Horse Ownership
I admit, I am not a fan of rope halters and have never owned one, but that's my own personal weirdness. A lot of people love them, and this tutorial is great.

The Really Weird Reasons I Love Horses from Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management
These cracked me up, but I have to agree with all of them!

For Sale from No Longer Fiction
Great stuff, great prices.

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