Saturday, January 17, 2015

Weekly Blog Roundup

Strictly speaking some of these are from two weeks ago, since I am behind in my blog reading, but here you go: interesting horse blog posts!

Expert Opinion: Shoulder In from Incidents of Guidance
I would like to draw sparkly hearts around this. Nothing soothes my soul quite like diving really deep into the books and seeing what the greats have to say about something.

Peak & Recover from Boots and Saddles
Nobody writes conditioning theory like Mel, and this is a really thoughtful take on what we're accomplishing by changing the tempo of our work.

Do You Walk the Walk from Daryl Kinney Eventing
Looooooove this. The walk is such an underestimated gait. Walk for muscle, gallop for wind. Reading this helped inspire me to add even more walking to my winter routine (which was already walk-heavy).

Jumping exercises with only a few jumps from Hand Gallop
These are terrific, and thoughtful, and aimed at those of us who have to lug our own $#@$@# standards everywhere.

Face Off: Rambo Micklem vs PS of Sweden High Jump Bridle from SprinklerBandit
Thoughtful, comprehensive review of two of the major "anatomical" bridles currently on the market. Everything you ever wondered about either bridle is answered here. I've always wondered whether one of these would be right for Tristan, especially after some trainers I really respect started working in them. Had I any spare cash, I might consider it, especially after the arguments here!

What It's Like On The Inside: Kim Severson Eventing from Eventing Nation
Taylor and I rode at the same barn together in Boston, and she is a genuinely lovely person who is a wonderful rider. This is a great interview with her about what it's like being a working student for Kim Severson, who might be my personal favorite upper level event rider. (Winsome Adante is absolutely still, always, forever my favorite upper level event horse.)


  1. I really like your blog round ups - so much great reading. You've got me hooked on a bunch of new (to me) blogs.

  2. as always - great selection!! and i totally get it, i'm super behind on my blog reading too (as evidenced by how late this comment is.... lol)


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