Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Making the Best of It

January has not been the best for riding and horse-related activities.

Tristan is happy and healthy. That is the priority.

But I'm averaging one ride a week, sometimes two. The weather has been horrible. When it gets warmer, I ride, and I'm having great rides. We had a terrific schooling session on Sunday: he felt strong and good and there was a nice, clear progression from start to finish. He had some really good work in the canter, and I felt good about my effectiveness.

Then Monday, which was warm enough to ride, but first I ran out of time, between work programs, then it started snowing heavily and my fancypants new 4WD car had gotten the fiance to work that morning, so all I had to take me to the barn in a series of nasty snow squalls was his Prius.

I gave up. I admit it. This winter is not doing good things for my mental health. I am tired, worn out, and cranky much of the time.

Today: single digits. Tomorrow: single digits. Maybe, maybe, Thursday will pan out. We'll see.

I'm just...tired. Sorry to put an almost entirely negative post out there in the world, but I'm just sick and tired of a lot of things and having a lot of trouble digging deep and finding motivation.


  1. That's hard :( Winter will be over soon though and more fun times are ahead!

  2. Yup, winter is a killer for outside productivity. And if I had to drive a Prius through snow, I'd never find my motivation.

  3. There is a reason that yesterday is called Blue Monday! This is the single worst week all year for the winter blues. HANG IN THERE!

  4. You're riding more than I am, honestly. I don't know if that helps, but company for your misery! Let's get together and put some booze in some hot chocolate soon, y/y?

  5. yea... this winter is tough... and it's such a drag and drain on will power and motivation... sometimes for my own sanity i just have to let go and say 'nope not today and i will NOT feel guilty about it'... good luck!

  6. I deal with some winter depression and if it were not for our horses, I am sure it would be worse. Hang in there - spring will arrive :)


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