Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Arya had an awesome Christmas, and continues to be the very best of pups. Now that she behaves better in the car, she's been coming to the barn more often.

The traveling around Christmas was not her favorite, as she's a dog who likes both of her people together, ideally in the same room and doting on her. She spent some time with my parents while we visited my fiance's family (triplet toddlers + puppy = inadvisable), and then came back to Vermont with me while fiance stayed in Massachusetts. She kept an eagle eye out the window for him for three days, and was very happy when he came home.

2015 will be all about the recall for her, as nearly everything else is improving. I'm hoping to purchase a 30' or 50' biothane long lead for her to drag. I have a 30' nylon check lead but it's kind of crap - it gets tangled easily and it's in terribly shape after only a few months of light use from all the snags. If she starts to do well on that she may earn herself some off leash time at the barn.

She got a new stuffed Triceratops for Christmas, and she loves it. I spent an hour and a half stitching her toys back together over the weekend and she's already killed two of them again. Sigh.

Here, have some picspam. :)


  1. She is so cute with her new toy!

  2. That last picture is my favorite!

  3. So glad I'm not the only one that performs repair surgery on puppy toys instead of just chucking them!

  4. aww i love the triceratops!! cute pup :)


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