Thursday, December 18, 2014


I get migraines on average of twice a year. The last few haven't been too bad: a few handfuls of OTC drugs, a few hours of rest, and I'm good to go.

Last night, I changed into barn clothes and as I said goodbye to my coworker, I noticed that I was having trouble seeing her. I started to get nervous, but headed out anyway. By the time I got to my car and started it, my aura had started in earnest. Cars on the road in front of me came in and out of my vision, and I lost all depth perception.

I was able to drive the few blocks home, and get drugs into my just as my aura vanished and the migraine really hit. I crawled into bed and after a few hours, felt steadier and able to sit up and have some food. Then back to bed.

This mornin I woke up with my head back in a vice grip, and the world spinning when I moved. I stopped getting migraine-specific drugs a few years ago when they began giving me horrendous side effects - the only time I've ever had bad side effects from drugs - and this is really the first one I've had in a long time that I needed them for. Oh well. 

So I am home sick today, having finally migrated from the bed to the couch. Sitting up works again, but moving at anything more than a snail's pace is out of the question. I am watching Ken Burns documentaries and crocheting Christmas gifts.

Which is a long and windy way of saying that I am not riding or at the barn. I have hopes that by this evening I can get to the barn to groom but I am not counting on it.

Sigh. Anyone else get migraines?


  1. I've only had them maybe twice in my life, but each time they've been awful!

    Feel better soon!

  2. I get them every 2-3 months and while they're nothing like you've described, they are awful for certain. Take your time :)

  3. Imitrex. Best thing to happen to me for migraines. I am the no light, no noise, throwing up migraine girl and a half dose of Imitrex halts them in their tracks in 5 mins.

  4. I feel your pain...I get migraines every 2-3 months and they knock me on my tail. I have to avoid light and noise, if I don't I am throwing up :( I've never tried migraine specific drugs, always just dosed up on the OTC pain relievers and toughed it out. I do know that for a day or two after they subside I still feel "off," and very sluggish.

  5. :( I hope you feel better!!

  6. yikes - sounds awful! get better soon !

  7. My mom gets them, but I'm more of the chronic headache type. Migraines are the worst!

  8. I feel your pain. I'm down to 1-4 most months (vs weeks!) but most are the sort that just make my head miserable; I almost never get any auras at all, so I'm usually able to work through them.
    I do find I get migraines after our LDs, though, so that may be my limiting factor in moving up in distance. Ugh!

  9. :( I get them a couple times a month. Totally sux.

  10. Oh heavens yes, All. The. time. Immitrex works well for me, but so many things trigger them and avoiding all that stuff is so hard...

    Sorry you were laid out by a bad one, those are the pits.


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