Monday, September 1, 2014

Ch-Ch-Changes: Introducing Bel Joeor

One big change, one small change.

First: I'm changing the blog title. I've never been wild with "An Eventful Life." It was a bit generic, a bit boring-punny instead of clever-punny, and let's face it: my life is just not all that exciting, and I prefer it that way.

New title: Bel Joeor

Bel Joeor comes from Tristan's show name, which is "Tristan's Bel Joeor." It means beautiful player. In one early French telling of the legend of Tristan, his horse's name is Bel Joeor. (More about Tristan's renaming here.)

I'm also putting a label on a gradual shift that I've been doing away from eventing. It's a little bit sadness at the way the sport is going, a little bit unsuitable horse, a little bit lack of funding, a little bit current location and circumstances. I've always been interested in all the varieties of horse + human, not just one sport, so it was time this blog officially represented that.

I was bored with the standard Blogspot template, so I tinkered around a little bit. I stuck with one of their layouts + color schemes, because my artistic eye is wholly nonexistent, but I did put together a header. I'd talked about doing this before, but finally got around to it.

So if you visit the blog's main page, you'll now see some summery pictures of us out and about. I plan to rotate them with the seasons.


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