Wednesday, September 10, 2014

September Goals Preview

From my 2014 Outline:

Lots of options for getting out and about this month, depending on how we want to structure it. Do we want to do more low key stuff, or do we want to show off a bit? Some really good schooling show options if we choose to go that route. 
Possible events for riding or volunteering: Eddy Farm Schooling Three Phase (no dates yet), Equestry Schooling Dressage (no dates yet), East Hill Farm Schooling Dressage (no dates yet), GMHA Fall Hunter Pace (September 7), GMHA Horse Trials (September 13-14), GMHA Fall Foliage Ride (September 26-28)
 Yeah, there will be no showing off this month. There's nothing to show off.

However, we are officially committed to the GMHA Fall Foliage Ride on Sunday, September 28.

Modified goals: more fitness, for both of us. Add some dressage schools back in. Stick to the frequency of riding, keep track of everything in the ride calendar. On September 28, at the end of the month, re-evaluate everything based on a full month of pergolide + Cushings diet.

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