Thursday, March 6, 2014

Polar Vortex Part Eight Million

I am hoping beyond hope that this morning's -15 nastiness is the last gasp of the bitter cold this winter. I haven't ridden since Sunday: every afternoon, I monitor the temperatures and every evening, by the time I could get to the barn (5pm or so) it's into the single digits and dropping fast. This is March, people. We're supposed to be high teens and reaching for spring, not this awful stuff.

Tonight, it should be in the low 20s by the time I get to the barn, and then the lows stay in the teens for a solid week, per the current forecasts. Double digits! All day, and all night! I could swoon.

Progress on March goals: have emailed the vet, and if I can peel away from work today I'll hit up the DMV to get registrations processed and begin the process of getting my rig back on the road.

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