Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy spring?

4 inches of snow this morning. Sigh.

Last night, the ring was occupied, so no longeing for me. (It says something about how quiet my barn is in the winter that I was a bit dumbfounded to find other people there.) I jumped on bareback and we did about 30 minutes of road walking, 20 of them on the hill.

I'm experimenting with Endomondo right now as a way to track these things, and it tells me that the hill is about 1/4 of a mile up, with a 330 foot rise in height. An online grade calculator tells me that's a 25% grade...yikes, ok, no wonder he was working hard! We went up and down, and then I jumped off and we went up and down again. My legs, they are a bit sore today. I am officially out of shape.

Road walking buddy.

The BF heads off to Utah to ski early tomorrow morning which means a) as much time at the barn as I want!, b) things I clean will STAY clean!, and c) I get to eat all sorts of foods that he would not touch with a ten foot pole like frittata. I'll probably miss him eventually. I think.


  1. Frittata? What does he have against frittata? That's as innocuous as it gets unless you're putting, like, spiders in!

    1. Eggs are a no-go unless they are plain & scrambled. Quiche, over-easy, frittata, eggy pancakes, hard-boiled, you name it, all out! But I just bought 2.5 dozen eggs and I have PLANS.

  2. We used the Edomondo app all last year. It worked pretty well as long as we remembered to actually get it started!

  3. Haha I sympathise with you fully on B!


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