Wednesday, February 27, 2013



I have ordered two boots, size four EasyBoot Rx. I called the clinic and said, sorry, I don't mean to be obnoxious, but don't horses with coffin fractures usually do hospital plates? They explained since they'll be basically removing all the chips there's not anything to stabilize. Plus they want me to have easy access to the surgical site to clean it out regularly. Which makes perfect sense, so: boots!

I also ordered a bunch of things from Smartpak: more vet wrap, a Jolly Ball, more betadine, etc. Things to keep him happier in his stall, and things with which to wrap his foot. I did an inventory of his foot-wrapping supplies and I'll put together a tupperware with everything in it that I can grab quickly and have everything together.

I'll go by Tractor Supply tonight and pick up a few more syringes as well as some bandage scissors because I forgot those, whoops. I'm trying to decide whether to do a sheath cleaning now or next week; he needs it pretty badly. I think probably tomorrow night, so I don't have to make him suffer through that while he's recovering.

I'll put together all his paperwork tonight, Coggins, vacccines, etc. He may need a tetanus booster as he's close to the re-up for that anyway.

I've asked the barn to haul him up to the clinic - my truck is more or less still stuck in the driveway. It was never intended to be a winter driver, and my trailer is solidly snowed in. I'd have to drive up into the mountains to pick up a friend's trailer, and I don't want to haul with a strange trailer in my unreliable truck when I'll be so nervous about everything else.

I think that's it for now.

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