Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Seven years ago tonight I became a horse owner. What a crazy, wonderful ride.

It's going to be -18 below here in the Green Mountain state, and so the barn manager texted me this morning asking if I still wanted Tris to stay naked. Eep! I asked her to put a barn blanket on him if she could and started shopping.

I also put the call out on Facebook for recommendations - partly tongue in cheek, as I had a marvelously tacky neon peace sign mid weight picked out.

Lo and behold, a dear friend from Flatlands messages me to say that she had her daughter's old horse's blanket still and her son was driving to Montreal tonight, did I want her to have him bring the blanket to me?

Wow! Yes, yes I did. So I just returned from putting Tristan's first-ever lined blanket on him. I present to you the world's worst picture of the world's most adorable mustang:

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